Thursday, April 24, 2008

Room of One's Own

Apparently, this is to be my new home. It's expensive; I was expecting to find something for less than $500 USD per month, but at least I don't have to set up utilities or buy an air mattress upon landing. Should I have bargained harder? The hotel prides itself on having its own little pool. Too bad there's that safety warning out on water. I'll have to settle for using the "aerobics" downstairs.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Penn Law Presents

A Just Peace: Beyond Conflict in Northern Uganda

Professor Burke-White's transitional justice seminar presented on their trip to Uganda, today. As mentioned in the clip, the group is presenting a report to the Ugandan government about how best to address reparations and justice for northern Uganda.

Lights were dimmed for the Power Point presentation, but I tried to take pictures without flash, anyway. (Flash leaves those horrid shadows. I protest!) The sound clip is excerpted from an earlier interview I conducted with Professor Burke-White concerning this same project.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Note from John Francis Onyango

Hi Maisha,
Did you get accommodation etc. I have a good friend in Gulu who works with the UN Volunteers...he will show you around town when you go there.

(This is why I love Uganda already. So friendly! Look out, I think I'm moving to Africa.)


I have to write briefly, as we're really down to the wire at school:

  • Passport: Not valid, after all. Must reapply. BLARGH!

  • Visa: Can't apply until passport situation is fixed.

  • Housing: Still trying to find. Probably won't get that cute little house in Kisaasi. Owner wants 6 months' rent. Boo! Hotels are much more expensive, but at least they come with utilities and furnishings.

  • Money: Running out. When do the scholarship funds come in?

  • Projects: Still working on them!

    • Uganda project turned in. I was late, but at least it's done. Lots of revisions in mind for the class syllabi I plotted out, but I'll make fixes when my own classes are over.

    • Sudan project in the works. Will have to write it up DURING the writing competition. Good thing I'm only giving a preliminary report. Am considering applying for a Fulbright on this subject, and will definitely write a journal comment on the land use issue, whether for Penn or someone else.

  • Home Life: Tenant moving out. Must find new roommate. During finals.

  • Finals: At least I started studying earlier, this semester.

  • Dog: Peeing on floor, mysteriously. Vet says he's depressed. Took him to parents in California, where he would have had to stay for the summer anyway, so he can get some time exercise in the back yard. I could use extra exercise, myself.

  • Sanity: Good thing I never had it to begin with ...