Saturday, August 16, 2008

More on the way!

I got home a week ago, today. I spent the next two days asleep in my bedroom, emerging only occasionally to eat MEAT and VEGETABLES. (It seemed extremely important at the time.) Then I flew to California where I am now, snuggled with Ozzie the beagle. I missed him so much! And he did remember me! I was worried he wouldn't, or that he would be offended I'd left him with Mom and Dad for so long, but when I walked into the room he woke up to the sound of my voice and bounded into my arms. What a cute little munchkin! So it seems as though I am forgiven.

Meanwhile, I have to apologize for not finishing this blog sooner. I thought this would be top priority, but I have to prepare for job interviews, draft my evaluation (which is already 20 pages and threatens to become a mini novella), and put together a short advocacy film. Plus, I'm still finishing up little pieces of business for folks in Uganda. Time hasn't been quite as available as I'd expected.

Tomorrow Dad is inviting a bunch of his friends over to look at my pictures and welcome me home. Talk about the proud papa! I asked if I could invite some of my friends, too, and he gave me permission. It's like being seated at the adult's Thanksgiving table for the first time. So I'm really happy;

Enough small chat, though. I still have blogs to post; I just wanted to let you know that they were coming!

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